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Bad Education
Netflix/ BBC Three

The Hilarious three series of Bad education is full of great actors sure as Jack Whitehall, Sarah Solemani and Mathew Horne. With Jack the worst teacher to grace Abby Grove trying to get the class of Unenthusiastic students some GSCE’s while trying to get himself a girlfriend in Rose ( Sarah Solemani). The last eposides has the students leave Alfie after some how getting them the marks they needed for the future.

Toy Story 4 U

25 years since the Pixar started the classic the unexpected film didn’t disappoint with its quality being as everyone expected inspiring many like the first one did. The Film was a very fitting end to Toy’s adventures working together to find the missing spoon for Bonnnie.

Jumanji: The Next Level 12A

The likable cast with the addition with Danny DeVito, Danny Glover and Awkwafina making the sequal funnier than many expected but the story line still roughly the same with the gang on the a mission to escape the game if complete all the levels using there powers from there body swapped characters to help them.

Tiger King Netflix

The Tiger King Netflix Series shows footage from the park between 2014-2019 the seven 45 minutes episodes follow the Tiger King (Joe Exotic) and he ups and downs he experienced when running his no ordinary big cat zoo in America. The fuel between Carole Baskin owner of Big Cat rescue and Joe Exotic was the main feature in the series with Carole trying to shut down his Zoo. However there bad taste for each other worsens when Joe joke to kill her becomes serious and pays his handyman do his dirty work is when the FBI come In to arrest him as have some of Joe workers helping them securing the details they need to arrest him and give him 22 years in prison. The Number 1 Netflix show now Tiger King I would highly recommend as has hooked many so far.

Space Force Netflix

The surprisingly bad tv show with its lack of comedy moments came onto Netflix on May 29th the shows starts with 4 start general (Steve Carell ) being given the head role of the Space Force where he has to leave everything to the remote base, without his wife who somehow got into prison. General works with Dr Mallory (John Malkovich) and Dr Chang (Jimmy O. Yang) the only good acting performance in the show. The idea to Militarizing space in this show is achieved buy the end with them taking off unlike the show did with poorly trained astronauts. There isn’t any more to say about this tv show that if the tv show does have a second series I want to see some Steve Carell from the office, or just hope there isn’t anymore to be honest.

Alex Rider Amazon Prime

Finally, an exciting and edgy tv show like the Alex Rider book trilogies is. With exceptional plot brought together by the sensational acting by the cast. The series starts with Alex losing his uncle this when we see Alex’s spy instinct for the first time with him chasing down a car from his uncle’s body leading him to Alan Blunt (Stephen Dillane), John Crawley ( Ace Bhatti) and Mrs Jones (Vicky McClure) all part of the British spy force. Alex is sent to Point Blanc as a undercover after suspicions arise around the school. One nail biting episode Alex and Kyra (Marli Siu) sneak out there room to find Eva (Ana Ulau) and Dr Grief (Haluk Bilginer) plotting to swap the children for clones of them which but Grief’s Nazi like plan into place. Alex manages to escape from the compound where he meets with Mrs Jones who brings a SAS like team to Point Blanc who in a intense operation shuts down Griefs plan killing the clones. Grief is latter killed by an assassin. Just as everything gets back to normal Alex finds another of him from point blanc at is school but deals with him like the good spy he is. Really enjoyed the show and hope for more series to come.

American Sniper (Amazon prime)

American Sniper a Clint Eastwood classic film with Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle after receiving a life lesson from his dad about the world being derived into sheep, wolves and sheepdogs about how evils needs to be stopped to protect the innocent. He decided he will be a sheepdog and stop evil. Therefore joined the SEALS as a sniper. He was soon sent to Iraq his first kill of 160 cofired was a women and a boy hiding a grenade near a SEALS patrol. The tension rises as Kyle is given the job to take out the Butcher (Milto Hamanda). Kyle does his job after holding of more than 100 men with a patrol on a roof. The films takes short breaks from the action for Chris to see his wife ( Sienna Miler) and two kids. Cooper really immerse himself in Chris role it’s a real tribute to one of the most famous sniper.

Rocketman 12A

Taron Egerton superb acting and singing shows Elton Johns struggles to fame in the best way, with him full of colour and exploding into life when on stage like the Elton once did. Therefore a well deserved Oscar and 2 Golden Globes.

6 Underground 12A

The most expensive Netflix film to be made with production cost of 150 million in total. The action filled show starts Ryan Reynolds as a secret agent/ Elon musk millionaire the leader of a group of six people who all fake there deaths to take down a ruthless dictator and put a end to his rule. With Michael Bay as the an outstanding director this Action-Thriller didn’t disappoint.

21 Bridges 15

The Film gets stared with two pubs robbing a restaurant looking for 30 kilos of cocaine and find 300 they are obviously set up but they kill 7 cops on the way so. The job to hunt down the 2 men so down to Andre Davis (Chadwick Boseman) the trigger happy father-less from the line of duty. Andre decides to shut the 21 bridges out of Manhattan and the tunnels then floods the island with blue. The 2 robbers dealer agree to give them a million to run around with when getting out they take drives showing the cops involved in the cocaine business. The rest of the film involves Davis trying to stop his cops killing Michael (Stephan James) the last robber. However doesn’t work as his partner Frankie (Sienna Miller) sneaks onto the training killing Michael when confronting his captain the organised of the cocaine movement by cops he gets into another shoot out ending as a hero, and a great action actor.

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