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Money Heist: Netflix (Part 4)

After leaving us on two massive cliffhangers at the end part 3. With the faked execution of Lisbon (Itziar Ituno) that the Professor (Alvaro Morte) doesn’t know about and leaving Nairobi (Alba Flores) on the table fighting for her life. The eagerly anticipated Part 4 did not disappoint with ever episode leaving us with questions still unanswered. With the gang having to complete two things with help from the professor for the heist not to fail. Like the faultless rescue of Lisbon i the court car park and the taking down of assassin Gandia (Manuel Poga) in the bank. However we will still don’t know how or if the gang will ever leave the bank and the biggest question what did the professor do when confronted by Alicia (Najwa Nimri) a detective who is on the run after the Professor tells the world details who they tortured Rio ( Miguel Herran) in the dessert. Highly recommend if a fan of high blood pulsing action shows.

Darkest Hour: Netflix

Gary Oldman brings a tremendous Winston Churchill into full life. The drama film follow Churchill from sitting at the front bench next to Chamberlain as Chancellor of the Exchequer and taking the role of PM. The Movie showed the struggle the greatest war time leader had to try give confidence to his own party and everyone was not always behind him not trusting his views. You see Churchills change through out the film from the grumpy man into a self confidence and caring man. With the film ending as with Churchill leaving the house of commons with the whole parliament behind him as well as the country. Therefore letting him lead the country into the greatest years and marching the army to Berlin. Becoming one of the greatest leaders the United Kingdom has had.

Black Panther: PG-12

The African based superhero Black Panther (Chadwich Boseman) is given his powers by the a purple heart shaped herb native to Wakanda and only given to the king who job it is to protect the 5 tries. The country of Wakanda has Vibranium a rare metal which is hiden from the rest of world disguising as a third world county. However when news gets around that Klaw (Andy Serkis) and Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordon) who’s dad was killed when caught stealing Vibranuim, have stolen an old Wakandan artefact they need to stop them. The Team of Black Panther, Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) and Okoye (Danai Gurira) two of the most fiercest female warriors to be created chase down Klaw after the fight scene with help from Ross (Matain Freeman) CIA. However he gets away but is killed by Killmonger who returns to Wankandan to show he is the true Wakanda heir. Then challenges The Black Panther throwing him off the waterfall forcing the country to make Killmonger the new Panther. Ross and the warriors leave the capital as looking for T’Challa where they find him with the Mountain tribe where his sister gives him the final herb giving him the black panther powers. The warriors and the black panther attack Killmonger who is helped by the tribe run by W’kabi. T’Challa kills Kingmonger in the mines of Vibranium. Making T’Challa the only Black Panther. The mainly Black cast and crew had a profit of 1.23 Billion the second highest superhero film proving that the race of the superhero doesn’t matter as long as it is fast pace and action backed, the willcaudience enjoy it so hope to see more of T’Challa in the future.

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